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Keeping Your Website in Top Condition

Looking for website maintenance in Cardiff that you can trust? Look no further! We help our clients succeed online. We offer a comprehensive range of website maintenance services, including security updates, performance optimization, and content management. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business. Your best choice for website maintenance in Cardiff.

Content Updates

Web content updates are crucial for website maintenance. Regularly updating the website’s content can help to keep it engaging for visitors, improve its search engine rankings, and reflect changes in the business or organization. However, web content updates can be time-consuming and require technical expertise. Therefore, many website owners opt to outsource this task to professionals. This can free up the website owner’s time and resources for other important tasks.

Bug Fixing

If something has already happened to your website, like an error or bug that you can’t seem to fix, then we are here to help. We offer bug fixing services for WordPress and other platforms. We would have an initial discussion with you before accessing your site and fixing the issue. We offer these services on an hourly rate

General Maintenance

Server maintenance is the process of keeping your server healthy and happy. It’s like taking your car in for regular tune-ups, only instead of an oil change and tire rotation, you’re checking the server’s performance, software and security. We will carry out the below: 

Check the server’s performance. This involves monitoring the server’s CPU usage, memory usage, and disk space usage. If any of these resources are running low, it can cause the server to slow down or even crash.

Keep the server’s software up to date. This includes installing security patches and updates for the operating system, web server, and any other software that is running on the server.

Back up the server’s data. This is essential for preventing data loss in the event of a hardware failure or cyberattack.

Monitor the server’s security. This involves checking the server’s firewall settings, monitoring for unauthorized access, and keeping the server’s antivirus software up to date.

How much does website maintenance cost?

While it can depend on the size and complexity of the site here is a starting point of our maintenance pricing and what you can expect from us. 

The starting point for a maintenance on a small website is £150 per month. We also offer bug fixing and maintenance tasks at £50 per hour for non monthly customers. Larger websites may have a higher monthly fee. Since you’re on mobile why not Give us a call?


Monthly Small

A monthly maintenance package that covers small tasks and keeps your website safe, efficient and working well for your business! For sites up to a maximum of 10 pages.


Up to 2 hours of content updates per month

Plugin & Theme updates 

Weekly website & database backups 

Discounted bug fixing

£50 / hour

Bug Fixing

We will carry out an initial investigation of the error(s) on your site and offer a block of hours with a minimum of 1 hour required.

We offer bug fixing for: 


WordPress sites, server and plugins

Shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting platforms 

Php, nodeJS based sites and their related frameworks

Html, css, javascript and their related frameworks. 

There are more ways we can help you, just get in touch if you wish to discuss any issues your website has. 

From £350

Monthly Large

A monthly maintenance package that covers larger sites and more tasks. 


Up to 5 hours of content updates per month

Plugin & Theme updates 

Weekly website & database backups 

Discounted bug fixing

Up to 5 blog posts per month (content not provided)

Steps to getting your website maintained


Choose a package or plan.


We will confirm your quote or block of hours


Pay the invoice for the month or block of hours


Done! Your website is now in great hands.

Have some questions?

Just like your car, your website needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. Website maintenance ensures that your website is up-to-date, secure, and functioning properly. With many companies in Cardiff competing in competitive we can ensure your customers visit to your website is smooth and efficient.  

It depends on your website and how much traffic it gets, but as a general rule, we recommend getting your website maintained throughout the month. This will help ensure that your website stays in top shape and continues to perform at its best.

Yes, we offer website hosting services in addition to website maintenance. Our hosting services include reliable and secure hosting, regular backups, and technical support to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

No. We provide this service for clients across the UK and sometimes around the world. We will keep you up to date using your preferred communication channels and we’re always open to a coffee if we’re ever in the same area!  

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